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                        Kangen water®

is an opportunity to enjoy health benefits that you can’t find elsewhere. To obtain the water, you expose your water through an electrical device that produces ionized and alkaline water via electrolysis, as I’ve mentioned before. The water is fit for consumption once it’s undergone significant electrolysis. This procedure puts forth an abundance of free electrons which are non-selective anti-oxidants, unlike those that are tissue-specific. These anti-oxidants travel throughout the body targeting free radicals in tissue. This great-tasting water provides us with the energy needed to get things done each day. The removal of common impurities can increase stamina, endurance, and improve athletic performance.


Face Wash

    The astringent properties of Acidic water are effective in toning and firming your skin. Pat the skin and leave to dry. This water is also excellent as a toner after shaving.


Frozen food

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Cleaning & disinfecting

Spray foods with Acidic Water when freezing so that the food, including fish and shrimp, do not lose its flavor when thawed out.

                    The Brain is 85% water

 Optimal brain function depends on water and lots of it. Water is what keeps the brain signals going. When the quality of water is compromised the signals are short circuited. Water supports DNA and is the largest single source of energy. The brain has no way to store water and dehydration comes if all the water lost in a day is not replaced and this deficiency is accumulated. Brain cells need 2x more energy than other cells in the body. Water supplies energy. Nerve transmission consumes one-half of all the brain’s energy (nearly 10% of the whole body’s energy). When hydrated, you have more energy. When the brain is functioning on a full reserve of water, it will function at full capacity and you’ll think better and faster. Creativity is boosted.

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                    About Us

One way to make incremental changes is to modify what you drink. We’ve found a path that has worked for us, and we’re confident that it’s going to work for you too. These are the best ionization machines in the world. You’ll quickly find yourself feeling better, regaining energy and vigor. Many people believe tackling fatigue requires expensive specialist visits, as well as mountains of overpriced medications and questionable supplements. You heard it from us that the answer is as simple as changing the water you drink! When you connect with us, we’ll tell you about the devices and the marketing potential.


We know that once you discover the countless benefits for yourself, you’re going to want to share it with your family and friends. In this way, you’re going to be part of a risk-free business prospect with minimal sacrifice. You’re like us; sick of petty office politics and rush hour commutes. This turnkey opportunity is waiting for a passionate consumer as well as an educated entrepreneur like you. We encourage you to connect with us as soon as you’re ready to move forward. We’re prepared to help!

We’re Paula & Rick de Govia, and we’re here with the opportunity of a lifetime. We’re eager to share this with you because it’s healthy and part of an overall health regiment that we’d love to discuss when you have a moment. We enjoy meeting new people and informing them that they’re drinking from a water source which may contain contaminants and additives. We’re glad to speak to about a fantastic option available today that can put you on the right track. The oxidation process exposes you to free radicals and may be responsible for ongoing health problems for many people. The source is often drinking straight from the tap, ingesting unsavory elements. We know that your health is your priority.

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